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Make evey minute count and simplify tasks: in addition to the Standard version, QuestBase is also available in premium and licensed editions offering more benefits, personal support and a full range of custom services.

Multiple needs. One solution.

QuestBase allows businesses, governmental organizations, academic institutions, awarding/accreditation bodies, trainers, educators and testing professionals to deploy a broad range of assessment solutions including:

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Tests that assess knowledge, skills, behaviors, understandings and/or attitudes to identify and remediate gaps:

  • Pre-course tests
  • Placement tests
  • Self-diagnostic tools

Tests that strengthen memory recall by practice, correct misconceptions and instill confidence:

  • Quizzes during learning
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Practice and self tests
  • On-going assessments

Tests and exams used to measure or certify knowledge, skills, abilities and aptitudes:

  • Internal knowledge/certification exams
  • Open certification tests/exams
  • Pre-employment screening assessments
  • Post-course tests
  • Entrance and licensing exams
  • Pre-employment skills tests

Reaction assessments that gather, measure and analyze information and/or opinions:

  • Level 1 surveys / Course evaluations
  • Employee attitude / Opinion surveys
  • Customer/Partner satisfaction surveys
  • Needs analysis surveys
  • Job task analysis surveys
  • Conformance/Compliance surveys

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premium or licensed?

QuestBase premium accounts are hosted on our servers and offer more benefits than basic accounts: you can refer to this table sheet for more information. With premium accounts you don't have to install anything on your PCs; just sign up and start managing assessments. Premium accounts are activated in real-time.
If, instead, you want to install QuestBase on your own servers (e.g. in your intranet), then you can get the licensed edition. It includes the full QuestBase application so that you don't have to use our servers and everything remains inside your network.

Premium accounts

This is no-worry, no-resources assessment management solution. The popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model gives you the power of QuestBase with no server or patch management and without upfront capital expenditure for software licenses. You simply use QuestBase and enjoy the benefits. We do everything else – deploy new releases, provision hardware and bandwidth, backup data and monitor the application 24x7. It’s the full-service choice for today’s fast-paced organizations.

  • Pay as you go as an operational expense
  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • No software to install and configure
  • Includes maintenance, hosting and support
  • No additional fees

Premium accounts can be partially customized (for example, your logo in assessment or survey pages) and we can also provide you with a "white-label" version (for example, a customized access URL, like

Business premium accounts are available for a minimum of 3 users; if, instead, you are a single teacher, trainer or professional and want to be premium, just sign in to your Standard account and click the link Get Premium in your control panel to upgrade.

Licensed Edition

This is the ultimate-control option. If your organization adheres to strict compliance, intellectual property, or security guidelines, choose the licensed edition and allow only your own staff to interact with your solution. Installed (see requirements) on your own in-house server according to your policies, you have complete control over how you administer, maintain, and integrate QuestBase with your existing network. You can directly access and edit the data in the QuestBase database (so that you can share information with other applications), fully customize the look & feel of your pages (to match your company logo or colors), and have customized access URLs (for example, or in your intranet).
Of course, our expert support team is always available to provide assistance at various service levels and at any time.

  • One-time license fee
  • Maintain complete control of your own environment
  • Seamless integration into your internal systems
  • Source code available

The licensed edition has the same features as premium accounts, so you can sign in if you want to check them and try QuestBase. If you are interested in the licensed edition, we can also provide you with a demo version that can be downloaded and installed on your own server; if you choose to purchase it, the demo version can be very easily upgraded to a licensed edition (no need to reinstall it). The licensed edition starts from US$ 1,995 according to the total number of users (educational discounts available). Please contact us for more information.