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terms and conditions of use

Information on site ownership

The site accessible from the URL www.questbase.com and www.questbase.it is owned by Fidenia s.r.l. Fidenia S.r.l. has head office in Via Nazario Sauro, 8 – Bologna (BO) – Italy and is enrolled in the Register of Companies of Bologna, REA BO – 50660, VAT No. 03281011209. The QuestBase commercial logos and the other distinctive signs contained in the site are protected by the regulations in force concerning industrial and intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to use them in any way without the written authorisation of Fidenia and/or of the respective proprietors.

Conditions of use

1. The user profile is created by requesting registration with the website, by entering data on the form provided. Registration with the website implies the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions of use and of the privacy policy, which the user declares he has read, understood and approved in all their parts. Failing this, the user is not authorised to access and use the site.

2. Fidenia reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time, informing the user through specific notifications on the site or by e-mail to the address supplied at the time of registration. The use of the site after the modifications is the equivalent of acceptance of the changes by the user.

3. With the request for registration, a free trial period of 15 days is activated, at the end of which the user will be free to choose whether or not to confirm the activation of his profile. At the end of the test period, if activation is not confirmed, the user profile will be deactivated and removed.

4. The profile is activated in Standard user mode. After activation, the Standard user profile may be upgraded to the Premium version. To know the specific functions and the economic conditions of upgrading to the Premium version, you can consult the section become premium.

5. By registering with the site and creating his profile, the user undertakes to enter exact and truthful information and to use all the services provided, fully respecting these conditions of use, as from time to time modified and/or integrated unilaterally by Fidenia, and fully respecting all the laws in force.

6. It is forbidden to create virtual false identities and to hold any conduct likely to create confusion concerning the personal identity of the user, or between the personal identity of the registered users and that of others. For example, prohibited conduct includes: using the name of another person; loading a profile picture that depicts another user; self-attribution of titles and/or credentials not possessed.

7. Fidenia does not assume any responsibility, whether by contract or by tort or otherwise, for the loading on the site of untruthful and incorrect information and personal data by the user, nor for the completeness and/or suitability for this purpose of any information and/or content present on the site.

8. The user alone is responsible for his profile and its use. The user undertakes to refrain:

  • from publishing and/or loading and/or sharing on the site any content that infringes another person's copyright, trade mark, patent, or content that is defamatory, obscene and/or offensive to public decency, that constitutes SPAM or is in any way harmful and/or dangerous (such as viruses, worms, codes, files or programs able to interrupt or damage the functionality of other software or hardware)
  • from sending undesired and/or nuisance communications
  • from loading reserved and/or secret and/or confidential information that the user has no right to reveal or spread
  • from making any form of advertising and/or marketing of his profile, of groups, or of other products and/or services
  • from removing or jamming notices or advertising of any kind

9. Fidenia is not required to exert, and generally does not exert, any control or supervision of the information and contents loaded on the site in any way, and is not responsible if said information or contents are illegal or if they in any way infringe the law or the rights of third parties. In particular, Fidenia does not make any check of the content of questions loaded in assessments and of the respective external resources that may be associated with them; and it does not guarantee the correctness of the answers added and of the scores attributed; it does not assume any liability for the correctness and adequacy of the assessments and does not in any way answer for their suitability for this purpose, as it is not aware of the purposes for which they were created. Without prejudice to the above, Fidenia reserves the right not to broadcast or to remove from the site, without any need of prior notice, any information or published content that infringes or can infringe these conditions of use, the regulations in force, or the rights of third parties. Should the user not be satisfied with the site or its contents, he shall be required to cease using it and shall have no other means of asserting any complaints, waiving as from now, within the maximum allowed limits, each and every right and action against Fidenia.

10. As well as in the case of infringements of these conditions of use, or of the regulations in force, the profile may be eliminated on the user's request. When it is eliminated, the profile is permanently removed from the site. All the information concerning the eliminated user will be deleted in the shortest time possible. The contents loaded by the user will be removed from the site, unless these contents have been shared with third parties and the latter have not removed them in their turn.

11. The User grants Fidenia a free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence, transferrable and which may be granted in sub-licence, for using in any way, hosting, saving, reproducing, modifying, translating, creating derived works, communicating, publishing, publicly displaying and distributing the contents subject to copyright or to ownership rights, loaded on the site using the autocomposition function or in any other way. The licence expires the moment the user profile is eliminated or the contents are removed, unless these contents have been shared with other users through the share assessments function. It is the exclusive responsibility of the user to hold the rights necessary to grant said licence.

12. The user undertakes to guarantee, indemnify and hold harmless Fidenia from each and any action, right, claim of third parties connected or related in any way with the use of the site, with the loading and/or sharing of contents, with any conduct adopted by the user contrasting with these conditions of use or in any case of infringement of the regulations in force. It remains understood that this obligation continues after the elimination of the profile, by the user or by Fidenia.

13. During the test period, the user checks that the site functions are suitable for his needs; he recognises and accepts that the services are provided as is. Fidenia does not assume any responsibility for any contaminations deriving from access, from interconnection, from downloading of contents from the site and does not assume any responsibility for any damage, even indirect, which may derive to the user or to third parties by its use. Within the maximum allowed limits, the user exempts Fidenia from any responsibility deriving from the loss, deletion, corruption or failed saving of the contents loaded on the site. Though ensuring the greatest effort, Fidenia does not guarantee the operation, without interruptions or inconveniences, of the services provided on the site, nor is it responsible towards the user, whether by contract or by tort or otherwise, for any inefficiencies or malfunctions that cannot be ascribed to the same. The user acknowledges that access to the site could occasionally be suspended or limited to allow the carrying out of repairs, updating, maintenance, or the introduction of new functions or services.

14. On the site there may be advertising messages and links to third party websites. Advertising messages and links do not imply any approval by Fidenia, which therefore does not assume any responsibility on the matter, nor in particular, as regards the content, for the products or services advertised or in any way available on said websites.

15. The site may make use of cookies to save information on web surfing. The user can disable cookies with his browser. Permanently disabling cookies may result in difficulties in surfing and/or the impossibility to use some functions of the site. Further and more detailed information on managing cookies can be found in the privacy policy.

16. These conditions of use are governed exclusively by Italian law. For any dispute regarding the efficacy, interpretation, validity or implementation of these conditions of use, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located within the territory of the State. Except as provided for in art. 66-bis of the Consumer Code, if the User cannot be qualified as a consumer, any dispute that should arise concerning the validity, interpretation or implementation of these conditions of use shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

17. These conditions of use have been drawn up in Italian and translated into English. In the event of a contrast between the version in Italian and the English translation, the version in Italian shall prevail.