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who's behind questbase?

here we are!

QuestBase has been designed and developed after more than six years of intensive work by the team of SmartLite Software, author of several other award-winning applications for creating and managing assessments. In 2015 it has been acquired by Fidenia, a digital startup focusing the educational market and author of the social learning Fidenia.

AwardThe beginning

Our first product was WinAsks, dating back to 1997, and it won the Best Educational Software of the Year award, by PC World Italia magazine. WinAsks soon became the most widespread software in Italian schools for managing quizzes, exams, tests and assessments: thousands of teachers and students used this product.

But we didn't stop here


In the coming years we released WinAsks 2000, WebQuiz, WebQuiz SQL, eSolutions, eWebTest: every new product was far better than the previous one, with new features and benefits, and allowed teachers and trainers to save time in grading their students and trainees. At the same time, several businesses (publishing companies, banking organizations, small training companies and large corporations) were choosing our products for their assessment, training and certification needs, courses and exams.

The present

After more than 17 years of relevant experience in building assessment tools, we are proud to unveil QuestBase, our best product ever created. QuestBase has been developed on the grounds of WinAsks, WebQuiz, eSolutions, eWebTest, and offers all their best features in a new service, available to anyone and really easy to use.

We hope you'll like QuestBase. We do. And, it's only going to get better. :-)